Passion to provide quality educational programs by embracing academic and cultural diversity through a platform for partnership.

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Q. Will schools that hire Discovery Schools be more efficient than traditional public schools?
Yes. Through careful planning and our ability to make decisions, we are able to direct more dollars into the classroom, having a direct impact on our students.
Q. How does Discovery Schools determine the best location for a charter school?
Our decisions are based upon many conversations and meetings with the charter school’s founders, as well as news articles and the published teacher student ratios. If we conclude there is a need in the community, we will conduct other studies to determine the precise location for a school. There is always a population analysis completed to determine if the school-age population is large enough to sustain the operations.
Q. What kind of a consulting firm is Discovery Schools?
We are a privately sponsored consulting firm that can assist new and existing charter schools in almost any facet.